Simple 6 compartment drawer manager, matte black

Simple 6 compartment drawer manager, matte black

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Sort small office supplies neatly with this deep black drawer organizer. Ensure pens, rulers, sticky notes and other frequently used supplies remain within easy reach using this drawer organizer. Six individual compartments help maximize storage space in your drawer, and the tightly woven mesh design with flat square-rounded edges delivers a modern look. This deep black drawer organizer fits perfectly in box drawers, providing a convenient way to keep your personal workspace tidy.
  • This multi-compartment organizer helps keep your drawer clutter-free, putting paper clips, pens, stickies, and more at your fingertips
  • Matte black mesh organizer adds style to your work space
  • Dimensions of organizer: 12.2"L x 15.43"W x 2.68"H
  • Keeps office supplies such as scissors, rulers, etc. sorted and organized
  • Organizational tool to keep drawer space tidy and supplies within reach
  • Multiple compartment options and sizes proactively guiding users to organize their supplies by size, improving product wayfinding

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