Simple 10 x 13 brochure catalog envelope with peel seal, white, 25 / pack * 20

Simple 10 x 13 brochure catalog envelope with peel seal, white, 25 / pack * 20

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Booklet envelopes are available in a variety of sizes! Choose the size that's right for you. You may be familiar with extra-large envelopes. But you probably haven't seen them in this many choices before. These Large Booklet Envelopes stand apart from average white ones, because they are offered in tons of bright, dark, and translucent colors. Reds, pink, blues, purples, greens, yellows. We have sweet pastels, energetic neons, refined darks, and everything in between. If you have a particular color in mind, you'll find it here. We've got it all. So you can get what you want. Go with the color of your company, a theme you're aspiring to, or just one that you think your customers will appreciate. With all the direct mail out there, a bold envelope can make the difference between getting your envelope thrown out and getting it opened. When you're sending something big, like a magazine or catalog, these envelopes can help you to mail your item without having to bend or fold it. So that it looks as professional as possible.
  • Quantity: 25 per pack
  • Our envelopes are made from 24 lb paper and feature a straight flap with gum closure
  • These envelopes are perfect for business mailing, document organization, file storage, and more
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